I am an environmental social scientist…

…with a track record of delivering interdisciplinary and applied research. I work with conservation practitioners to understand conservation problems and develop solutions. I have used a wide range of social research methods including qualitative data, structured surveys, and social network analysis, and have developed interventions using social marketing approaches. In my work I draw on a wide range of perspectives, including behavioural sciences and agrarian studies. Please see the projects page for examples of my work and get in touch with any questions!

I have been interested in nature from a young age, and completed undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in ecology at Imperial College London, specialising in tropical forests, as well as postgraduate studies in the social sciences. I am committed to working pragmatically with practitioners, while drawing on the best available social science and paying attention to questions of justice and equity.

My current practice is focused on Cambodia, where I conducted my PhD research at the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with WCS Cambodia and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science at the University of Oxford. For this project I was awarded an Early Career Grant by the National Geographic Society, and a studentship from the Natural Environment Research Council UK. I have previously been awarded a student award by the Society for Conservation Biology Asia section, a Henrietta Hutton grant by the Royal Geographical Society, and a prize in science communication by the Royal College of Science Union.